Mononuclear Phagocyte Biology &
Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation

Plasmid vector pCpGL

pCpGL is a vector designed for reporter studies on the effect of promoter CpG methylation. The vector is completely CpG-free and its backbone does not influence the activity of the luciferase reporter gene after in vitro treatment with CpG methylases like SssI, HhaI or HpaII.

Reference: Klug & Rehli (2006), Epigenomics 1, 127-130. [Abstract] )

pCpGL-basic (empty reporter vector, CpG-free) [map], [seq]
pCpGL-CMV/EF1 (positive control, CpG-free)

The pCpGL plasmids contain the R6K gamma origin of replication and require special E.coli strains, like PIR1 (Invitrogen), GT115 (Invivogen). The plasmid also carries a ZEOCIN resistence gene.

Because INVIVOGEN sells the parental CpG-free vectors with a Limited Use License, this plasmid may be transfered to a scientific collaborator, provided that such transfer is not for any Commercial Purpose, and that such collaborator agrees in writing (a) not to transfer the vector or derivatives to any third party, and (b) to use the vector solely for research and not for Commercial Purposes. If you wish to obtain this vector, please sign the corresponding declaration and send it by FAX or email along with your request. Thank you.

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